Personalized nutrition and How it May Benefit You

Have you ever bought a diet book or tried a new diet, because your friends or family members are raving on about it? They are feeling more energized and have lost several kilos, but you are feeling tired, drained and wondering if your scale might be broken.

Scientists are now starting to prove what we ourselves might have already realized. And that is that different people respond differently to the same foods. Therefore, the one-size-fits all diets do not work and nutritional recommendations should also take into consideration factors like age, gender and levels of physical activity. A personalized approach would focus on a long-term lifestyle change and adequately address personal eating styles, family and work schedules, or exercise preferences as well as treat specific conditions or diseases. Recent studies have also shown that individual genetic traits and metabolism rates determine what foods will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Let’s look at what is Nutrigenomics? Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interactions between a person’s genetics and nutrition, particularly with regards to the prevention and treatment of disease. This information can provide individuals with methods and tools to identify disease preventing and health promoting foods that would match their cultures, genetics and lifestyles. Nutrigenomics can help us to understand why some people respond differently than others to the same foods.

The science of nutritional genomics is an emerging science, which provides personalized dietary and exercise recommendations based on an individual’s unique genetic profile. This means weight and wellness management based on your genes. South African biotechnology leader DNAlysis has developed a range of non-invasive DNA tests that identify specific genes linked to optimum health, weight-loss and weight management as well as exercise.

These DNA tests are non-invasive as an individual’s unique genetic identity is determined from a single cheek swab sample. This will provide knowledge on the physiological processes of the individual that may not function optimally. The results will assist individuals in maximizing their health and well-being through optimal weight loss, weight management, dietary modification and lifestyle improvements.

There are four tests available, which can be done individually or as a combination of 2, 3 or all 4 tests. The tests available are the DNA Diet test (optimal weight for life), DNA Health test (optimal nutrition for life), DNA Oestrogen test and DNA Sport test.

The DNA Diet test involves optimizing weight loss and weight management by guiding the planning of diet and exercise programmes based on genetic differences in metabolism, lipolysis and fat absorption.

The DNA Health test focusses on optimizing energy, well-being, health and longevity by aiding the individual in making better lifestyle and diet choices, and using supplements tailored to counterbalance any nutritional deficit or genetic shortcoming.

The DNA Oestrogen test involves oestrogen metabolism and detoxification and focusses on personalizing diet, lifestyle, hormone and nutraceutical recommendations.

The DNA Sport test focusses on learning how to exercise according to your genetic preferences and incorporates training, recovery and nutritional recommendations to support health and fitness.

Personalized nutrition, a branch of personalized medicine, is an application of nutrigenomics that helps tailor dietary recommendations to a person’s individual genetic make-up and can be a powerful way to support your health and well-being with dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplement programmes.

If you are tired of generic advice that keeps letting you down and doubting yourself, then start considering personalized nutrition. A diet designed specifically for you will help you to reach your goals, inspire you to keep on going and motivate you to make those permanent lifestyle changes, because they are realistic for you. A diet that suits your personality and lifestyle will be easier to stick to and more likely to deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Let me help you and create a personalized meal plan that would not only give you a better idea of what types of food you should eat to lose weight and be healthier, but also teach you how to eat in the long term.