Individual Consultations

Individual consultations involve a first/ initial consultation followed by a second consultation and follow ups, if required.

-The Initial Consultation

The duration of the first consultation is approximately 60-90minutes. During this consultation, a comprehensive nutritional assessment will be completed. This is the starting point for an individual who wants to understand their current eating habits and lifestyle and how these can be adapted to achieve their goals. During this consultation, sufficient information is obtained, in order to develop a personalized eating plan and to establish key nutrition-related concerns. Any questions about conditions or symptoms are answered and an overview of the recommended nutrition principles and guidelines will be provided.  This consultation includes the following assessments: an anthropometric assessment (measurement of physical aspects, which will be interpreted and compared to international standards), biochemical assessment (referral to any existing blood tests performed, more tests may be ordered if required), clinical assessment (any reported symptoms, concerns and signs will be addressed) and a dietary assessment (a food frequency questionnaire and 24 hour food recall will be used to assess dietary intake, food preferences, lifestyle factors as well as food preparation methods). Other questions asked will relate to medical history, family medical history, current lifestyle and eating habits, physical activity, medication and supplements. Concerns are identified and addressed through nutrition education and nutrition therapy. During this appointment, SMART goals will be set.

-Second Consultation

The duration of the second consultation is approximately 30-45 minutes. This consultation will take place 2-5 days after the initial consultation. During this appointment, the personalized eating plan will be presented, discussed and explained how to be implemented for optimal results. Suitable recipes (verbally or written), shopping lists and further education will also be provided. The eating plan is designed to be both manageable and sustainable by taking into account the individual’s current lifestyle, physical activity, supplementation, likes, dislikes and dietary requirements to ensure optimal effectiveness.

-Follow up Consultations

The duration of the follow up consultations are approximately 20-30 minutes. The number of follow up appointments and time between appointments depend on each individual and their specific goals. Follow-up consultations are recommended, but not mandatory. Regular monitoring is associated with greater success and is encouraged to help keep you motivated to achieve your goals and to help you overcome any barriers that you may be experiencing. These appointments also allow for the monitoring and evaluation of diet adjustments and progress, to improve implementation and adherence to new dietary and lifestyle behaviours and to build on successful practices. Research have shown that individuals with regular support are more likely to achieve and maintain their nutritional and health related goals. Further education and support will be provided to assist individuals in finding solutions to barriers of compliance, successful strategies are identified and areas of difficulty are addressed to motivate behavior change, which will assist in the achievement of goals. During these consultations, individuals will be weighed and measured and food diaries will be evaluated and discussed. New goals will be set as previous goals are being achieved.

Group Consultations

Available upon Request.


4, 6, 8 or 12 Week Challenges. Available according to the individual’s needs. These challenges will be done according to the same structure as the individual consultations, which will include an initial and second consultation as well as follow ups, if required.

Corporate or Gym Health/Wellness Days

To provide onsite advise and education. A nutrition education stand could be set-up which employees can visit for nutrition information, pamphlets, recipes, discussions with the dietitians, cooking demonstrations or recipe tasters. Could be based on a specific health and lifestyle theme/ topic. Could include employee health screenings and assessments, employee nutrition consultations and nutrition talks.

Vitality Nutrition Assessments

Virtual Consultations

These consultation are done via a Telephone call, Zoom Call, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Whatsapp call or video call. These consultations are helpful if or when you are unable to travel or if you just prefer an online consultation to a face-to-face consultation.